Message in a Bottle!

       Back in my wilder days, while lying on a beach in Negril, Jamaica, the words for a song came to me. When I got home I took my guitar to a local recording studio and the result became “Naked in Jamaica”

While there’s no doubt the song was “inspired,” I feel there’s a profound message in viewing clothing as a metaphor for how we clothe ourselves with limitations, inhibit our true potential, and cover up our true selves.

I invite you to sip some Naked in Jamaica® Rum while pondering how you might remove the limitations keeping you from your dreams . . . strip off the inhivitions covering your true potential . . . and discard the false pretenses keeping you from expressing your True Self ot the world!

What are you afraid of? . . . Your Limitations . . . or your True Potential?

Download my song here and Don’t Worry, Use Sunscreen!